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So, what's in issue 74?

Bojan interview    An exclusive interview with Bojan! We speak to El Petit Geni about his formative years in Linyola; La Masia and Barca; Coming to Stoke; His form up to Rochdale; Recovery and recuperation; His form after the injury; Messrs Hughes/Rowett/Jones; Going on loan; Leaving ST4; Life in Japan; The future; And what he thinks of Stokies....

30 years since 92    Several articles about our Wembley win in 1992, including.......

Heart of Autoglass

Do you remember the first time?

Here, there, everyWare

The Fire parts 1 and 2 A decade since Peter Crouch scored THAT goal against Man City. As the ball hit the net, our house was ablaze

Losing my religion Matchday isn’t what it used to be for some. We look at how and why it’s changed and possible ways to improve it. Not losing would be a start

The regulars The usual superb stuff from the likes of Orfy/Tim Gallimore/Dave Gould/Doctor Proctor/Jamo

Of a duck’s back   We review 4 pieces of rather smart tackle from our friends at Terraces

A Potter’s Tale   Our regular chat to a Stokie about their life in red and white. This issue we get the lowdown from The Sentinel’s Pete Smith.

Sweet as a nut   Penny Stanley’s remarkable story of Stoke Rambler’s Harry Almond

Stick or Twist    Ollie Simpson casts his expert eye over the strange case of the revolving goalkeeping door in ST4

What’s the plan?   A lot has gone on off the pitch in recent times. Dave Proudlove discusses the leadership of the club as we complete our fourth consecutive season in The Championship

Net Gain   Simon Lowe’s choice of goal might not be a surprise fpr this issue – but he chooses a beaut. That hot, sunny day at Wembley in 19992……

…and loads more, too!

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