We recently sent out free copies of the Paul Ware homage issue to honour a great man. A family man. A gentleman.

It’s now just over seven years since he left us far, far too soon and we have been contacted by one of his daughters who wanted to send this message to Stokies and friends of Paul.

Hello all. I hope you’re all managing to stay positive at this difficult time.

I just wanted to take the time to write – wholeheartedly – to all of those lovely Stokies who have stuck by us since the day Paul Ware – our Dad – passed away 7 years ago. Recently, it was the 7th year anniversary of his passing, which coincided with the current lock-down guidelines, which meant not being able to hug family/friends… people who help make that day seem a little brighter. Without a doubt, you guys always have our backs… you always remember us… you always remember him.

Without knowing, you really do help us to keep his memory alive. Your comments on his memory page always make us smile and learn things about our Dad that we never got the chance to find out before he died. I keep thinking, I wonder what my Dad would have thought of all this. And to be honest, I couldn’t say for sure. But what I can say, is that I know – from the bottom of my heart – that he would have smiled his way through with a positive mental attitude. That is my advice to you all at this difficult time: approach it like Paul Ware.

Thank you for taking the time to ‘virtually’ always look after us; genuinely, I just wanted to say a huge thank you and send a virtual hug to anybody who might need one today.

Amy Louise Ware & family xx