‘Red and White Christmas’ is an appeal from the world of Potters’ fan culture, individuals, and groups to support three important local causes this Christmas. We'd love your support. 

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Our city. Our communities. Our people.


Community. Either a very underrated American sitcom or a word that seems like it means less and less in modern football. In the age of Petrostate ownership of football clubs, it’s easy to be cynical about football’s ability to connect to its local communities and its communities of fans.

Even outside of football, it seems that communities across the country are way more prone to division and unity than ever before. Political turmoil, an energy crisis, possible impending financial disaster are getting people at each other’s throats, and that’s before you even cross into the murky waters of social media and its various supposed ‘culture wars’.

Take our community. The community of Stoke fans…….

It seems at the games, in the pub, and the online spaces which facilitate football chat – our community is as prone to division as any other. Be honest, have you ever moaned or groaned at a perceived section of our fanbase? Young fans, old fans, stats nerds, people who don’t go to games, this or that twitter account, people who leave early etc?This isn’t unique to Stoke, but fan division can really make you feel rotten about supporting your club.

Yet when push comes to shove, we know we’re brothers and sisters in arms. So, let’s think about how we can unite…

‘Red and White Christmas’ is an appeal from the world of Potters’ fan culture, individuals, and groups to support three important local causes this Christmas.
Please note - This project is independent from Stoke City Football Club, and all we want is for Stokies to help raise money, raise awareness and anything else that is in their power to help three charities based in the local area.

Those charities are:

The Douglas Macmillan Hospice, which provides outstanding services and care for people in the local area for adults, young adults and children living with a life-limiting illness.
The Macari Foundation, who are helping to combat homelessness within our city, led by one of our club’s finest managers and greatest human beings.
Stoke-on-Trent Foodbank, who provide food and essentials to people who are struggling in these tough times.

In the last few years, we’ve seen that so many things can divide communities rather than unite them, so the Stoke fan community has come together in the spirit of ‘Vis Unita Fortior’. Podcasts, fanzines, YouTube accounts, designers, artists, and fan pages have united to get the ball rolling – and we ask you to join us because United Strength Is Stronger.

Social media in particular cannot be pleasant when it comes to inter-Stokie sniping, but its hopefully a reflection on how important we all think this is that The Wizards of Drivel, Duck Magazine, Stoke Loud and Proud, The YYY Files, The Bear Pit TV, Every Step Along The WayPodcast, We are Stoke, and designers Paul Clay, Topher Knowles, Joe Barbieri and Wayne Bayley are the people (so far) who have expressed their commitment to this idea. We can put social media beef to one side, after all, it is Christmas, and we simply want to make it a better for as many people as we can.

We know from seeing folk came together to support various local charity appeals in previous years that Stokies are unbelievably generous, and we hope that in dark times we can bring some light to as many people as we can.

We also know that it’s a time where everyone is feeling financial pressure, so we ask you to please give generously where you can, but no more than you can spare.

Nor indeed, do we want to limit contributions to just money, either. Whether people can help in terms of promotion, logistics or ideas. Get in touch, our details are below.

This thing will belong to everyone, as part of one big Stoke fan community. Whether you have something you can auction off, or want to do a daft challenge, or want to donate something other than money. As stated before, this is not associated in any way with Stoke City FC, who do some amazing work in our community – this is in addition to their brilliant efforts.

Red and White Christmas is more than just about the final total amount of pounds raised. It’s about life, love, hope, and Stoke. For Stoke people, from Stoke people. The best people.


If you can help in any way:

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