Numbers 71 through to 80, or the other way around. Anyway, hope there's something in there you like or brings back a memory or two...


Only Love Can Break Your Heart, by St Etienne

One of the great covers, this beaut from the band's seminal Fox Base Alpha debut long player is a slice of dreamy trip hop-pop that does more than justice to the original. Still sounds as fresh as it did when first released


Souvenir, by OMD

Synth-pop brilliance from a band formed 44 years ago, indeed one of the pioneering UK electronic bands - this may not have been their finest hour, but it's a brilliant example of the minimalist pop music that OMD produced on a regular basis.


Something Kinda Oooh, by Girls Aloud

The kind of song that you don't admit to liking, but will turn up on the car stereo when you think no one is around. Manufactured? Yup. Saccharine for the masses? Of course. Will it change the world? No. But for a few minutes it gets more than your toe tapping, gets you singing the crackers chorus, and is a superb example of why pop music is so ace. And it's not the only song in the 100 from the 2002 winners of Pop Stars, either.


Never Ever, by All Saints

Talking of girl bands......but saying that, the UK-Canadian foursome gained a bit more street cred than the Louis Walsh-made counterparts above, mainly as their songs were a bit more, well, for grown ups. Not necessarily a good thing with pop music, but think great harmonies, spoken vocals, plenty of sass, and a rock n roll affiliation through their partners that didn't hurt with the kool krowd. A really great song, it's Amazing Grace for the 90's.


Something Changed, by Pulp

Do you believe that there's someone up above? And does he have a timetable directing acts of love?

Why did I write this song on that one day?

Why did you touch my hand and softly say

Stop asking questions that don't matter anyway, Just give us a kiss to celebrate here today

Something changed

A brilliant song, by a brilliant lyricist, from a brilliant band. Pulp have a superb back catalogue, and when it comes to 90's music are sometimes the forgotten kids when the likes of Oasis and Blur are mentioned. Shame, as they're better. This is a simply, stunning, poignant love song that's rammed with emotion.


Tell It To My Heart, by Taylor Dayne

A song that took off so quickly and unexpectedly that she had to rush through her debut album in a matter of weeks, Tell It To My Heart starts off with the line "I feel the night explode when we're together", and never lets up. Brilliant dance-pop that has seen many a DJ remix it to good effect.


Un-break My Heart (Frankie Knuckles radio mix), by Toni Braxton

A very decent sobster of a song is turned into a dancefloor banger by the mercurial and sadly missed Mr Knuckles. This is great stuff, and another tune where you'll be asking whoever is in the passenger seat to "'turn the radio up".


Finally, by Ce Ce Peniston

The second that the piano intro kicks in sees my missus and all her mates sprinting onto the dancefloor to dance round their handbags, and that's surely enough to put it in here anyway, surely? Well, yes it is, but this is a simply brilliant house classic based on the mercurial, timeless Someday piano riff. Brilliant stuff, and a Golden staple from back in the day


Long Hot Summer, by The Style Council

I'll admit it, I'm not a huge Weller fan. but this is the epitome of window down, elbow out pop brilliance, perfect for cruising down, er, Rhyl High Street. Almost 40 years old now, but still sounding boxfresh today.


Labour Of Love, by Hue and Cry

Not a clue what the lead singer is actually singing about half the time, but it doesn't matter when it's great, urgent pop music with a smidgeon of style like this cracker.

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