You lucky lot, as you get 20 songs today - numbers 31 to 50. Hopefully, something in there for everyone. Links to our charity and our Spotify list are at the top of the article. Please support Red and White Christmas if you can. Thanks x




Got To Have Your Love, by Mantronix

The one song from this list of 100 that is absolutely nailed-on guaranteed to get me on the dancefloor. Unless someone has already dropped a quid coin.



Rip It Up, by Orange Juice

One of the finest purveyors of indie pop and one of the many great songs written by the genius that is Edwyn Collins. This song is almost four decades old. Astonishingly brilliant even in 2022.



True, by Spandau Ballet

Went a 5birthday bash last year‘'Ooh’ Gary Davies on the mic, free bar, food, and yes you bloody guessed it – I was driving. Davies, at midnight, announced a very special guest. On strolled Tony Hadley for a medley of greatest hits. Truly a surreal moment.



Pure, by The Lightning Seeds

A great and very apt title, as this is melodic indie pop inits purest form. Not for note perfect.



Getting Away With It, by Electronic

Put together Messrs Marr, Tennant, and Sumner and you’ll get perfection. And here it is. And it’s not even their best tune. Crikey!



Good Times, by Chic

F***** good times, more like, when this hits the speakers


Let's Dance, by David Bowie

As with the song above, you know who wrote this. That's why it's stunning, and a fitting part of a diverse Bowie discography. Bowie, as ever, looked as cool as hell, no wonder with this bassline.


Don’t Stop Movin’, by S Club 7

Take off the blinkers and you won’t see manufactured sacarrine - you’ll see a slice of amazing disco-cheese-pop



Movin’ On Up, by Primal Scream

And talking of songs with the word movin’ in the title (not moving, as both acts couldn’t afford the extra ‘g’)… soon as the guitar intro kicks in, you feel uplifted and happier. And anything that features the sadly missed, mega talented, and stunning human being that is Denise Johnson in it has to be an absolute classic. Her light always “shines on”.



Stand and Deliver, by Adam & The Ants

A dandy highwayman, boasting not one but two drummers? They had to be in, didn’t they?



Too Lost In You, by Sugababes

The second song in the 100 from the ‘babes……and it’s brilliant. Superb harmonies, brilliantly constructed, it very nearly stopped the film Love Actually from being a steaming pile of sentimental horeseshit. Unfortunately, nothing could, not even this infectiously likeable pop ballad



A Little Respect, by Erasure

I try to discover,
A little something to make me sweeter,
Oh baby refrain, from breaking my heart…..

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant pop music from a brilliant pop band.



Hold Me Now, by The Thompson Twins

A song that I’ve always thought would make a great chant at a match. Indeed, I penned some Harry Souttar lyrics to it a few months back. Unfortunately, it’s not fast enough to sing at 100mph nor can you clap along to it for 3 minutes. No worries. Anyway, this is brilliant, infectious anthemic  pop.



Baby One More Time, by Britney Spears

Had to be in, didn’t it? Say no more, and I won’t.



The Look Of Love Pt 1, by ABC

A great pop song by a great pop band, and like the Thompson Twins they hail from Sheffield – the most underrated musical city in the country?



Down To Earth, by Curiosity Killed The Cat

I hated that lead singer, with his crappy fisherman’s hat on backwards. I bet he’s Arsenal and now makes artisan laundry baskets inIslington or summat. I hated even more as the girl I fancied at college fancied him. Anyway, this is cool-as-you-like, superbly executed 80’s pop. The (probably a) Gooner t***!



Shout, by Tears For Fears

Like a few of their hits, this is absolutely anthemic pop with a backbone and pretty unformulaic for the charts at the time.



Life’s What You Make It, by Talk Talk

One of the most underrated bands I can think of. Had it all, but criminally ignored or under-appreciated by so many. This is epic, captivating, and spine-tinglingly good.



Praying For Time, by George Michael

These are the days of the open hand

They will not be the last

Look around now

These are the days of the beggars and the choosers

This is the year of the hungry man

Whose place is in the past

Hand in hand with ignorance

And legitimate excuses…… 

Genius of a songwriter, and an even better bloke. You simply cannot believe he went from “fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone” to writing a prophetic classic  in 1990 that sums up the shittiness of much of modern-day life perfectly - politics, greed, religion, injustice – they’re all in there. This is a truly great song taken from one of the great albums and only not in the top 10 as it’s not poppy enough. As he says himself of the song.....“It's my way of trying to figure out why it's so hard for people to be good to each other.” So, be good to each other.



Like A Prayer, by Madonna

Love or hate her, has anyone had as big an influence on modern day pop music and pop culture as Madonna? An unbelievable back catalogue. Here, she takes time off from pouring hot candle wax on Willem Defoe to produce an absolute gospel-pop-dance peach that builds and builds to a huge climax. See what I did there?