The last 10 songs until Tuesday night, here are numbers 21-30. As you may see, it gets a little bit more poppy now - I know that may upset a few, but it is after all the Top 100 of Pop. So, expect a little more cheese, but also some absolutely brilliant tunes, too.

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True Faith, by New Order

A band that has to be in, and I could have chosen any number of better songs that they’ve released, but I was always going to err on the pop and accessible side of their back catalogue. That’s whyI’ve gone for this - it wouldn’t personally get in my top 20 of what they’ve done - but needs must. One of the greatest bands of my lifetime.


I’m Your Baby Tonight, by Whitney Houston

I had a ‘conversation’ with a work colleague a year ago about the merits of this lady. Basically, she admitted that Whitney had one of the greatest voices she’d ever heard and was superbly talented and gifted at releasing great soul-pop songs that had mass appeal. “But when she sings, I can see her tonsils sometimes” was the vindication for said thick work colleague’s ‘opinion’. Ears are wasted on some. Anyway, this is a rollocking, fast-paced track, absolutely perfect for the voice it was written for. 


Digging Your Scene, by The Blow Monkeys

Anything but a one hit wonder, DrRobert and the gang have been releasing some really decent stuff for a number of years. This ticked every single 80’s pop classic box, including beautiful strings that always make a track that little bit better. A brilliant hybrid of pop, jazz, and soul, did many at the time know that this 1986 release focussed on the issue of HIV/Aids?


Call The Shots, by Girls Aloud

The second entry from the ladies, and this is simply a larger-than-life pop cracker that builds and builds. A brilliant example of quality, catchy, throwaway pop that you shouldn’t throw away. A song described as "classy electronic Euro-pop with real edge." It is.



Cars And Girls, by Prefab Sprout

It’s Christmas - a time for Sprouts…….

A band I adore, and as re the NewOrder choice at number 30, this isn’t even in their top 20 songs, in my worthless opinion. But what it is, is commercially accessible and basically pop music for grown-ups. As catchy as not hovering over The Freetowns’s toilet seats, it’s baffling how this didn’t even crack the UK top 40. Paddy McAloon is one of the finest songwriters of my generation, and Cars and Girls is a great introduction to anyone who hasn’t heard the band before or simply likes stunning pop music. Get hold of their albums this Christmas, pour a glass of the good stuff, and you’ll soon feel nice and warm.



Save A Prayer, by Duran Duran

Amazing how a couple of this Smash Hits-adored band would later set up another, rockier band in The Power League. Even more amazing how they then established a set of community five a side pitches near the bet365 Stadium! Anyway, this is their best tune by a mile, and whilst a tad high in the 100 for me – their popularity kind of demands they’re here.


Vienna, by Ultravox

Epic, majestic, sweeping, and kept off the number 1 spot by Joe Dolce’s Shaddap You Face. That tells you everything you need to know about quite a few of the UK

public and probably explains why we’ve ended up with the current government.



Relax, by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

The most hyped band of my lifetime.Even before they released a song, they were massive. Thankfully, the hype was justified with this song and one or two others - although these were accompanied by some absolute tripe as well in fairness. Don’t let the large fonted t-shirts distract you from how big a thumper of a song this was, from the bass line onwards, this is a glorious noise.



The First Picture Of You, by The LotusEaters

First recorded during a John Peel session in 1982 which then started a bidding war between major UK record labels – no surprise, this is Summer on vinyl. Later sampled by The Streets, listen to it now and you’d be amazed that it's 40 years old.


Better The Devil You Know, by Kylie Minogue

In my eyes, it’s easily Kylie’s greatest song – which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s her only inclusion in this list. But let’s face it, she’s the Princess of Pop – I mean, does anyone not love Kylie Minogue? If so, why??????? You really can’t have a pop at the StockAitken and Waterman team – releasing this pardons them from any musical jail that they may have been imprisoned in for crimes against music.

“I'll forgive and forget, If you say you'll never go….”, I mean, who in their right mind would ever do that in the first place? She’s pop perfection. So is this.