Like the Renegade Master - we are back! *

* in print **

** hopefully!

Just keeping you up to speed with developments at DUCK Towers......

As you will know, we have been digital-only since March 2020. The pandemic hasn't been kind to anyone, and the mag is no different - but we are huge supporters of the printed word and have never discounted us coming back in print. We now are hopeful that our next issue will included a chance to grab a print version!

For that to happen, a few stars need to align. The main one being we simply can't make a loss on this issue. If we did, then the mag would be no more. It really is that simple, and whilst we aren't fussed about profits (we prefer the odd plaudit every now and then), losing money would be the end of DUCK.

So, what are we proposing?

Issue 70 will be in both print and digital format.

It will be at least 60 pages. Probably more - a real bumper issue.

Out mid-September.

We hope to feature interviews with Ian Cranson and Adam Porter. A Stoke star of the past and one of the future. Plus some great writing on SCFC.....

Looking at a cover price of around £4.50 - depends on demand.

Subscribers will still get the digital issue free as part of their subscription. They won't miss get a print copy we will be asking subscribers to buy this issue at 50% of the cover price of what others will be paying. eg. If it's £4.50 plus p&p, they will pay £2.25 plus p&p. As stated above - we don't know the price yet, until we know numbers buying it.

We will ask everyone to pre-order. We can't have any unsolds. This will be around September 1st and the mag out mid-September. We will email those who contacted us and also advertise it extensively on social media.

Everyone who pre-orders by a set date will get their name in the mag, too!

No copies will be on sale at matches. We don't think we will be allowed to sell outside the ground, anyway. Sales will be subscription and online sales only.

What we need from you lovely lot....

Basically, if interested - just an email saying you will commit to buying a print issue when it's on pre-sale. There is obviously no problem if you don't want to buy #70, it's just to gauge demand.

I will then email you again in around 12 days time with a link to pre-order and pay at 50% of the cover price.

Just send us an email saying YES TO DUCK 70 IN PRINT to - that would be ace. If we get this up and running, our Xmas issue will also be print. I hope you understand why we are doing this folks, and any support would be massively appreciated!

Thanks for your support!