I mentioned that we would be doing some DUCK badges a few months back, and we will definitely be doing these as we don't break promises........

Yup, we love doing lovely merch and we are big fans of a smart pin badge.

We will be selling these through the manufacturer which should cut costs down for you - at present, we are just looking for potential numbers. In a couple of weeks we will put them on pre-order to subscribers first and then to everyone else.

If you want a badge (or 2, 3, 4 etc) then all you need to do for now is email me at duckstoke@gmail.com to say what colour you want any and how many you want. We have 3 designs of the logo (all a cute 15mm x 15mm): Silver, Gold (subscribers only), and Yellow.

Simply put down the colour and number required eg. Silver 2  Yellow 1.

I'll then get back to those who have expressed an interest in a couple of weeks with the pre-order link.