A defibrillator has been installed at Business Lodge Stoke to demonstrate commitment to client wellbeing......

Business Lodge, Stoke’s leading flex-space provider, is demonstrating its commitment to the safety of its clients and visitors, as well as the wider community, with the installation of a life saving defibrillator.

The piece of kit, which is housed outside the reception of the building on Victoria Road in Fenton, was brought to the centre by North Staff Carers when they moved in to the building. Its location will mean that it will also be available for any member of the public to use in an emergency.

Paula Nadin, Centre Manager explains more:

“When you look at the statistics, they are really quite sobering. Less than 1 in 10 people in the UK survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. This has been partly attributed to two factors - there aren’t enough people trained to perform CPR when someone has a cardiac arrest and in addition, there aren’t enough defibrillators.”

“As a busy business centre that is open 24 hours a day housing hundreds of clients, we felt it was our responsibility to be prepared should the worst happen, as well as giving something back to the local community alike”. To this end, we’re delighted to be able to take over the management of the equipment after it has been so kindly donated.”

By having a defibrillator on premises, businesses can play an important part in helping more people survive a cardiac arrest. In the installation of a defib at Business Lodge Stoke, the company is demonstrating to clients, colleagues, visitors and the local community alike that it is committed to taking people’s safety seriously.

Paula Nadin continues:

“As life slowly returns to normality, we’re seeing more and more people come through the doors of our centres. We felt it was imperative to ensure that we had the means to offer the best form of support to these people should the worst happen.”

The defibrillator had been donated to North Staff Carers by Widower Phil Brown from Newcastle who gifted it to the organisation as a thank you for the support he had received whilst caring for his wife with MS.

When North Staffs Carers moved in to Business Lodge, Phil contacted them to ask if they would take the lifesaving kit to the new premises.  

The defibrillator’s new home is now located outside of the Trent House building in Fenton opposite the main reception. It is for all Carers, businesses in Trent House and the local community to use.

In addition, during any calls relating to cardiac arrest in the area to 999, callers will be directed to the Business Lodge defibrillator and given basic instruction over the phone to deliver potential life saving treatment using the machine.

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