‘Music is so wonderful’, sang Vivian Lee in her late 80’sHouse classic – and she was right. Apart from Coldplay, of course. Music is bloody brilliant - whereas football is so often at the mercy of the Gods that control the beautiful game (Ricardo, Bojan, and Cliff Carr), music so rarely lets you down.

Whilst DUCK concentrates on football and our beloved club, it’s also about life, too. That's why you’ll find bits and bobs of everything in there at times. As for music – it has rarely let me down. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad gig – it’s simply a good night out with mates or family. Same with football, the match can often be the worst part of then matchday. Whereas, even the very worst gig, I’ve enjoyed. 

And like football – apart from the result of the game – music is subjective. One person’s great crossfield pass is another person’s hoof.That’s why writing a piece like this is impossible. Absolutely impossible. And that’s why I would plead/beg/implore you to not simply say it’s wrong or crap –offer your opinion and it’ll be taken on board. I had over 400 songs sent into me to rate and judge and put in what I saw was some kind of order – as I said, impossible.

This list could be rearranged, added to, ripped apart etc – but it’s a genuine attempt to be fair and inclusive. There is stuff in there I hate, but I understand why it’s a great pop song and why it needs to be in.

Which brings me to another impossible question to answer……just what makes a pop song?

Again, different strokes for different folks. There is no definitive answer in my eyes. Why shouldn’t rock, dance, indie, reggae etc bands and artists not be included? They should and are. Also, there’s a question of age – I’ll be very open here: apart from the very odd exception, I’ve gone from the 80’s onwards – purely because I was at an age that I started getting into music then. Whilst many songs are personal to me and favourites, there are some songs that despite absolutely adoring them – think ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, 'Highway To Hell' 'SIr Duke' and ‘Roads’ for example – they just can’t go in. As won't so many of the huge bands of the 60's and 70's.

There are only a handful of acts who have more than one song in there, too - for example, the two (what I call) Queens of Pop simply have to have more than one tune in - again, you'll disagree, but that's just what happens with lists like this. The fun is in the disagreeing! So, please don't ask "Why should a band like Girls bloody Aloud have two in and a great band like ******* only one??????".

In my eyes, a ‘pop’ song makes you sing along, run around, nod your head, dance, happy, feel alive, put a big cheesy smile on your face….and normally lasts a relatively short period of time when it comes to length of song. As soon as a great pop song comes over the airwaves your mood instantly changes. More often than not, they’re a three minute oasis in a desert of “have you put the bins out yet?”, meeting deadlines, and just getting by.

Huge thanks to everyone who sent their offerings in. As I stated above, the 100th pick could easily be #1 and vice-versa, and there will be many I’ve left out that should and could be in – but it’s a genuine attempt at doing something slightly different, and something that’s been great fun to do.

So, I plan to list 9 or 10 songs per day, and plan to finish on Christmas Eve - as like everyone, I’ve got other stuff to do over the next few weeks!

Again, don’t slate me on my final choices – just agree to disagree, and please do so on Twitter @DUCKmagstoke where I will give regular updates.


100-91 Thursday 1st

90-81 Saturday 3rd

80-71 Monday 5th

70-61 Friday 9th

60-51 Sunday 11th

50-41 Monday 12th

40-31 Wednesday 14th

30-21 Friday 16th

20-11 Wednesday 21st

10-6 Friday 23rd

5-1 Christmas Eve

....and yes, the above might/will change, but it will finish on Christmas Eve. Thanks for reading/listening.