New Year, new DUCK. Or summat.

We've had lots to think about here at DUCK Towers, and we have been looking hard into how we see 2022 panning out for the mag. So, here goes....

Early 2020, and all was well with the mag and SCFC - MON was sorting us out on the pitch, and the mag was flying off if. We've just interviewed our legendary captain, sold out in record time, spanked Hull........Then Covid-19 arrived.......

Since then, we've had to think on our feet, be both reactive and proactive, as things have changed almost on a daily basis. There were times when we thought DUCK would be no more, and we know that a football mag ending isn't the be all and end all - but we love doing it so much, that it would have been so painful to let it go. But health and finances come first, and as both suffered, the mag took several hits. Something had to give.....but we didn't want it to be DUCK. That's why we changed, and are still changing.

The same health and financial issues are still there - our last issue broke even, but we were hit by a large print cost rise that took any profits away. That as a killer, but like everything in life - you are either part of the problem or the solution. And we see ourselves as pretty positive folk, and we see others with far bigger problems than us. So, as we enter a new year, we have decided to change what we do. You people made us see that we had a future in print. So, we see the below as a positive - as we hope it guarantees a print future for the mag.

DUCK magazine - there's a clue in the title. As a magazine, we need to be in print if possible. Digital issues had good readership figures, but they're just not the same, are they? Akin to going in a brothel and asking for a hug. So I've been told! Issues 70 and 72 had superb feedback and we loved the look and feel of a bulky, superbly designed mag. Many others did too. Indeed, the boxes arriving at Chez Bunny were quite emotional moments.

And so, this is how we now move forward......

  1. DUCK will be out 4 times in 2022, in print and digital formats
  2. DUCK will be out: end of February/Start of May/August/November
  3. DUCK will be at least 60 pages (hopefully 68+) and we will try to keep the cover price at £4 if possible, but if costs rise again it will have to be £5 (but for more pages). It's hard to scale when the world of business is moving so often, but we will always hope to give VFM, but cannot afford to make a loss. We hope you understand
  4. DUCK will continue to get the big interviews and feature some cracking writing from you lot. Keep sending stuff in!
  5. DUCK will look after its subscribers. You'll still get digital issues, but we are looking now at print subscriptions and also the usual price reductions. We will email all subscribers this week
  6. DUCK's website will feature more stuff, on a more regular basis. Please keep visiting here and our social media as we will be putting far more stuff on here
  7. DUCK will continue to invest any profits we make back into the mag and our chosen charity
  8. DUCK needs your support - get your mates to buy it, subscribe etc......I know we keep saying it, but every sale matters

The above may have to change at the drop of a hat, as our circumstances may change. That's just how it is. But we will always be open and honest about our situation. But the above changes guarantees that DUCK keeps going, and so do we as people, dads, and husbands. It's been almost impossible to juggle work, home and health stuff - as so many of you will know. But we love DUCK, we love you, and we love bringing out a magazine that makes us proud, and hopefully one you enjoy. Yes, it's less frequent, but we hope to make up for that by producing a mag that's better than ever - and in print! And who knows, one day we could be back as a mnthly print magazine......

Any questions eon the above, please feel free to get in touch.

We will see you in a month or two with a 1972 League Cup Final Special - and it will be worth the wait and the money!

We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy 2022.

Life. Love. Hope. Stoke.