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Born in April 2013, from the editor’s desires to produce a mag that they themselves would want to seek out and buy, DUCK has received superb feedback and is now virtually a family member to us. Colourful, glossy, sharp, nostalgic, timeless and yet topical. That’s DUCK. Or that's what we try to be!

To stand at matches or get emails and messages thanking us for our efforts or saying how much DUCK has been enjoyed is what we’re all about. Every single article is written from the heart by our fantastic contributors.

Magazines are only as good as the good folk who write for them. So, in that respect, we are truly blessed. Stokies, non-Stokies, journalists, bus drivers, famous authors and journalists, Michelin-starred chefs, musicians, blokes down the pub, pop stars, national radio DJ’s, ladies with an attitude,
ex-players, agents......they’ve all written for us.

We’re a broad, welcoming church, here. You’re just as likely to find an article on those weirdos who star at you on trains, yes THOSE weirdos, as you are an interview with Bojan, Denis, Steino, Ric, or Nello. And you're also just as likely to see our (incorrect) opinions on what we think are ace trainers as a debate on whether Michael O'Neill should be playing three or four at the back.

Why? Because to us, football is about far, far more than the ninety minutes on the pitch. Indeed, that's often the worst bit, isn't it?

To survive and thrive, we need you. Yes, YOU! Writers, advertisers, sponsors, subscribers, hangers-on, or just even a few backslappers. Anyone that can help us, please do. Whilst we are now digital-only for the foreseeable future, we quite like producing a half-decent monthly mag, website and merch. Your support really does matter. Vis Unita Fortior!

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